The salon in the east London suburb of Camden, west London, has been closed to the public.

    It was open for business last week but the business has closed for the day after receiving complaints about the smell, the company’s managing director, Alisa McLean, told the BBC.

    The closure of the salon is the latest in a string of closures across the country over the past month, according to the UK’s independent business website, Market Data.

    It said in a statement on Monday that Alisa had been notified that it would not be able to reopen as a beauty salon due to the pollution concerns.

    The BBC has not been able to independently verify that this is the case.

    The salon closed last week after receiving a number of complaints about its smell Source: Market Data/Twitter Alisa was due to open again on Tuesday but the salon’s owners decided to close the doors for the weekend, the BBC reported.

    The company said that Alissa had been contacted by a number the night before the closure was announced, but the owner has not responded to the BBC’s request for comment.

    The smell of urine and other odours has been reported at the salon before, but it was not known whether the latest incident was the first time this has happened, the firm said.

    It has received multiple complaints about smells, the news website reported.

    A spokesperson for Alisa told the British news site The Guardian that the business had received numerous complaints from residents of the area over the last month.

    She added that the owners had received complaints from staff, and had received an inquiry from police.

    A police spokeswoman said the investigation was ongoing.

    Alisa, which was founded in 2013, is owned by an Irish family who opened a spa in 2010.

    The family, who also run a beauty school, were also involved in the London beauty industry before Alisa opened.

    The owners, who have three children, said in 2014 that they would open another beauty salon in Camden in the next year.

    A statement on the business’ website said that the closure would not affect the business’s ongoing operations, and the owners would work with the police and the local authority to find a suitable alternative venue for the salon.