A man has been found guilty in the murder of his girlfriend’s daughter and daughter’s mother with chainsaws.

    Key points:Victims’ bodies were found in a locked garage and the garage was surrounded by a fencePolice were called to the garage in the early hours of March 26, 2017Police said a woman was stabbed to death and a daughter died from a stab woundPolice said the daughter was found with a chainsaw attached to her neck and a chainsaws attached to the neck of her motherThe jury returned guilty verdicts at Brisbane Magistrates CourtThe jury found the 39-year-old man guilty of murder and a charge of attempting to kill his girlfriend, who was found stabbed and beaten to death in a garage in March 2017.

    A third charge of attempted murder of a child was dropped on the third day of deliberations.

    Judge Mark Murtaugh told the court the man would have faced a maximum of 25 years to life in jail if convicted of murder.

    “There was a clear intention to kill the victim, that is the case here,” he said.

    The woman was found in the garage with a head wound, two stab wounds to her torso and the neck and throat of her daughter, a mother of two.

    The girl’s mother, aged 41, died from the stab wounds.

    The third charge was dropped because the jury did not find the woman had the intent to kill.

    Mr Murtough said the defendant was a very disturbed person and had been receiving treatment for mental health issues.

    “He was extremely disturbed and was suffering from significant mental health problems,” he told the jury.

    The defendant told police he was having an argument with his girlfriend when she was attacked, he said he shot her with a chain saw.

    The man was arrested on April 1, 2017.

    Police said he was seen by police in a stolen car that they found in his driveway on March 26.

    A forensic pathologist said the chainsaw had been attached to Ms T’s neck and neck of the daughter, but she had been unable to identify the weapon as the blades were “not the sort of blade that would be used for a knife”.

    The jury heard the father of the victim had previously been convicted of multiple offences.

    The judge said the trial was an important milestone in the case.

    “This case is an extremely important case, the defendant is a very dangerous individual,” he explained.

    “It’s a sad case and it is an extreme case.”