Instagram filters are the way to go for an Instagram beauty product.

    But the beauty world has a different take on which products you should choose.

    Here’s a look at the beauty filter that works best for you.


    Urban Decay Eyeliner in Green: A black-and-white palette, Urban Decay’s Green Eyeler is a great match for the eye shape.

    If you want a lighter, more natural look, it’s the perfect match.

    Urban’s website says that this color “has been used for centuries as a shade of green for medicinal purposes, and is one of the oldest, and most recognizable, colors in the world”.

    You can pick this color from their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

    Urban also sells this color for $5.50 per tube, which is the same price as the regular palette.


    Urban Eyelash Shadow: The Urban Eyeshadow in the Green Eyeshadows in the Gold and Black palette are the perfect combo for the eyelash look.

    Urban says that it is “a blend of three unique shades: green, pink, and blue.”

    They have a range of products in the green palette, including these: the Green Eye Palette, a “blending palette” that contains green and blue shades, a Blue Eyelashes Palette (the first-ever collection), and the Green-Eyelashes Eye Shadow Collection.

    The shades are all “blended with natural ingredients”.

    The palette also comes in four colors, including a metallic gold.

    Urban is selling these for $29.99.


    Benefit Eye Shadow: A lot of brands have come out with a palette of their own for their eyes, but Benefit’s Eye Shadow palette is the only one that I’ve seen that is exclusive to Instagram.

    Benefit says that the eyeshadow is “made from the highest quality, pigment-free pigments, with a neutral base for an all-natural and wearable look”.

    You should use a color that has a “very fine consistency and texture, and the perfect consistency when applied”.

    You also should not use a base color that is “too light or too dark”.

    For a lighter-toned, more wearable look, the Benefit Eye Shadows palette comes in two shades, which are the Green and Green Eyed Eyes.

    They have “three unique shades” that are: blue and purple, and a white and a red.

    The palette comes with “a selection of more than 50 eye shadow shades” and is available for $18.99 for a tube, or $23.99 per tube.


    Benefit Eyesharks in Gold: You can’t go wrong with the Benefit Eyelights in Gold palette.

    They come in two colors: green and gold.

    The product is available in five shades, including this: the Black Eyed Eyelard, a shade that is similar to the Green Eyes palette, and which comes in three different shades: a light blue, a dark green, and black.

    You should buy this palette from Benefit’s website.


    Benefit Pink Eyelashing: The Benefit Pink Eye Shadow in the Blue Palette is a “neutral, neutral, warm, and matte” shade.

    It is a very neutral shade and is great for highlighting and blending.

    The shade is “warm, slightly peach-tonic, with subtle blue-green shifts”.

    It’s available for only $8.99 in a “shimmery and metallic gold”.


    Benefit Dark Brown Eyelabots: The shades in the dark brown eye makeup range are “bright and vibrant” and “amazing” and are “perfect for blending”.

    These are available for a shade like this: a warm and blue-ton-ish shade.

    They are available in four shades: dark brown, olive green, light brown, and burgundy.

    You can also buy them from Benefit in their other shades like this.


    Urban Eye Palettes: Urban’s Black Eyelasher in the Red and Black Palettes is a versatile palette that “takes a darker, cooler, or warmer look”, and is a good match for your brows.

    You’ll find it in a range from a black, burgundy, and olive green to a deep, deep blue.

    It’s a great palette for those who like a more intense and saturated look.

    The eye shadow in this palette comes from Urban’s “golden, metallic” range.


    Urban Matte Eyelacos: Urban Matte Eye Palets in the Black, Olive Green, and Bright Yellow Palettes are “magnificent, rich, and silky-smooth”.

    These palettes are made of “metallic, gold-like pigments”.

    They come with a “metallics rich and silvery base” and they’re available for “around $15 per tube”.


    Urban Gloss Eyelaces: The Gloss Eye Lash in the Pearl is a neutral, neutral eye color that “smells of peach