Kays Beauty Salon in Austin Texas, the second-largest beauty salon in Texas, was featured on ABC’s #1 beauty show in Austin in 2018.

    They opened in 2017. 

    The salon has been open since 2013.

    Kays Salon is located at 809 S. Austin St., Suite 104, Austin, TX 78704.

    Kays Beauty salon offers a full line of products, from skin care products to hair and body care products. 

    They have an extensive makeup collection, as well as hair and skin care treatments.

    This is one of the most popular beauty salons in the city of Austin, and Kays salon is currently rated as the #1 in the state of Texas by the BBB. 

    According to the BBWAA, Kays is the #2 salon in the world, and #3 in the country by the beauty salon industry’s ratings. 

    Kays Salon has been ranked #1 on BeautySites.com and #1 by BeautyProspects.com.

    The salon was named one of USA Today’s top 100 beauty salon in 2018, and was named the #6 best beauty salon for 2017 by the Austin Business Journal.

    “I love to create beauty products for women, and I believe that a salon is the best way to do that,” Kays owner, Joanna Jones, told ABC News. 

    “I think beauty is more than just an individual thing.

    It’s a whole community thing.”

    Kay Beauty Salon is in the same building as Kays Hair Salon in nearby Austin, so you can also get to the salon for free by taking the metro to Austin.

    You can also stop by Kays in Austin for a complimentary appointment if you are visiting from out of town.

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