Teres, a beauty salon chain that has opened at 811 S. Central Ave., is closing its doors, the owner of the salon said Friday.

    “We’re so sad to announce the end of our partnership with Teres,” owner and manager of Teres La Belle Salon, Marlon Santos, said in a statement.

    “This is the best thing to happen to us and our community in our 30 years of existence.”

    He said he and his wife will remain active in the community.

    He said they have a “great sense of humor.”

    Santos said he plans to reopen a beauty studio at another location in the future.

    He said Teres will open a beauty store in a few months.

    Teres began operating in the Chicago area in 2010.

    Its signature line of beauty products includes products that include pomades, powders and lipsticks, among other products.

    It is also the only beauty chain that offers a wide variety of haircare services.

    Santas La Belle was located on the west side of Chicago.

    The location was built in 1940.