Emilia Giovanelli is a great footballer and a wonderful woman.

    But she knows she can never escape her demons and the consequences of her past indiscretions.

    At this year’s awards ceremony in the French capital, Emilia was awarded the prestigious Premio Fonte di Francesco d’Aosta award for outstanding footballers, and the same goes for her new wife, Alessandra. 

    “It was a difficult decision but I’m very happy to be the first to receive this award,” the 28-year-old said after receiving the award.

    “This is a recognition of my hard work and of my professionalism and I’m proud of myself.

    I’m grateful for the work I’ve done and I want to show it to others.

    I think this award shows that we are in a good place and that people can achieve their goals. 

    As I started training at Emilia’s new home in Rome, she was able to take me on a trip to Milan.

    It was so much fun. 

    She’s been through a difficult time and the relationship is still very fragile. 

    I can’t believe it, but I think she’s the same as ever. 

    There is a new world and I’ll always be grateful to her for what she’s done. 

    The new house was nice and it’s very quiet, but we’re going to take the whole family with us for the next four years.” 

    Emilia has recently started dating Alessandra and they’re looking forward to sharing the big stage with the Italian media. 

    Her former wife was devastated when she found out that Emilia had cheated on her.

    “I was devastated because I’ve been a great wife and great mother.

    It’s a shame.

    I know that she’s always been very supportive of me, but it’s also been tough for me. 

    It was difficult to come to terms with that and then I was also upset about it and I was angry with her,” she said.

    “But it was also very important for me to be with Alessandra because I wanted to share the stage with her and I also wanted to help her achieve her goals.

    She’s a great person and she’s a real artist and I know she will make me proud of her.” 

    The couple, who have two children, have recently opened up about their past. 

    In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Alessandro and Emilia explained their tumultuous relationship and how it affected them both. 

    Alessandro is not so clear on the issue but he has admitted that he was unhappy with the way things were handled.

    “The most difficult thing was the affair between me and my wife,” he told Gazzeta.

    “It’s something I’ve talked about for a long time and I wanted everyone to know about it. 

    We’ve always been close, we always enjoyed each other’s company and we’ve always made up.

    We’ve always loved each other and I hope that this issue won’t affect our relationship. 

    Emma has not shared her thoughts but she has spoken of the fact that her former husband has been supportive of her, as well as her new fiancé, Gianluigi Donnarumma. 

    Meanwhile, Alessandria has not been shy about her thoughts on the matter. “

    We’re doing everything together and we’ll have a happy, healthy and successful life together,” he said. 

    Meanwhile, Alessandria has not been shy about her thoughts on the matter. 

    During an interview for Italian TV channel Canal Plus, the actress, who is known for her roles in films like La Dolce Vita and La Dolces’o Largo, expressed her disappointment with the affair. 

    “[The affair] was very sad and very difficult,” she told Canal Plus.

    “There are a lot of people who are hurt and I don’t think there’s anyone who will forgive this. 

    A big congratulations to Alessandra for winning the award and Emile’s win. “

    When someone’s cheating on you and they do it with your best friend, it’s a tragedy.” 

    A big congratulations to Alessandra for winning the award and Emile’s win.

    You can watch the full interview here.