If you’re looking for a little extra kick this month, head over to Janet Beauty Salon.

    This salon, located in a former nail salon on Main Street in East Brunswick, New Jersey, will be offering the latest and best makeup tutorials to the public on January 14th, with tutorials for a wide range of beauty products ranging from lip and eye products to eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss and lip liner.

    The salon also offers a variety of free makeup and beauty treatments for a variety types of customers, and it is the only salon in the area that offers free makeup tutorials.

    The location is located on Main St., just south of Main Street, which is a short walk from the main entrance of the city of Newark, NJ. 

    In addition to free makeup, the salon will also be offering free beauty supplies to residents of the surrounding areas, including: brushes, cleansers, brushes, makeup remover, eye makeup removers, and eye shadow, according to a press release from the salon. 

    “With so many beautiful beauty products available for free, I think that we will be able to bring the community together, which I think is really important in a city like New Jersey,” owner, Janette Beauty Salon, said in the press release. 

    Janet Beauty is also offering a limited number of free cosmetics in addition to makeup tutorials, which can be purchased in the shop for $4.99. 

    The salon is open seven days a week, so be sure to check in on January 13th and 14th to make sure you’re in the right place. 

    Photo Credits: Getty Images