India’s President Vasundhwara Rajiswara Rao has launched her new beauty bar in Bengalururu.

    The move comes amid a series of protests against Ms Raje, who is the new President of the country.

    The bar will be located in a converted industrial area next to a new hotel.

    The new bar will have a range of products and services, including the most sought after of all beauty products in the world, Vasudha Rao told The Times of India newspaper on Tuesday.

    It will be one of the first new beauty bars in India and the first in the country, she said.

    Ms Rajiswala said she has been working on the concept for a few months.

    The former Prime Minister of India was ousted in a corruption scandal in 2016, and her family has been accused of paying off politicians.

    In a statement, the BJP government of Ms Rajeswara said it had ordered an inquiry into the allegations against the former President.

    It added that the party would not tolerate anyone who “fosters hatred towards the President”.