When I started my new job, I was excited and wanted to make a difference in the lives of people around me.

    But after working for a year, it was hard to put it into words.

    I was surprised by how many people I met at work.

    I realised I was the only one who understood them.

    I am now a very happy person.

    The way I look now is the result of that time.

    When I first started my job, it would have been nice to look more glamorous and make myself look a bit more glamorous but I realised the opposite.

    It was very challenging for me to get away from my usual clothes.

    The first few weeks, I would not wear any make-up and I would try to do a bit of makeup and not be overly noticeable.

    But when I started working at Amys, I realised how I looked and realised that I was happy with my skin tone.

    I love my skin and my makeup is really my best friend.

    I wear it every day and I love it.

    I also use my own personal makeup products to give myself a more natural look.

    I work with clients all the time and I try to use the best products I can.

    I like that I can do my job with confidence and it doesn’t take much effort to get me to work the way I want to.

    ‘I really do think I am a success story’ After being at Amyds for six months, I felt a sense of relief.

    I had worked at a cosmetics company for five years and I knew I was good at my job.

    I could see myself working at the beauty salon in the future and I felt like a success stories.

    I did have some challenges though.

    I spent most of my time working in the beauty department at Amyms, where I was doing my own make-ups and other work.

    But the beauty of Amys is that it’s not just about the cosmetics.

    It’s about the people, the stories and the experience.

    I have so many positive people who come to work with me and they are so lovely and I am so grateful for them.

    It was the first time in my career that I realised that the biggest challenge was not finding the right person for the job.

    It is about how you work together.

    I feel like I am more comfortable working with other people because I am in a more relaxed environment and it’s just me and them.

    My main challenge is that I work at a salon where everyone knows me.

    I don’t want to hide behind my look because I want people to recognise me as a person.

    I want everyone to see that I am really professional and I don´t want to lose that.

    I do work at home and I get home from work at around 11pm, so I can get up at 2am to prepare for work.

    My boss is always there to help me with everything.

    I always feel really at home, I think I look so natural in the mornings.

    I know I am the best person for a job I love and I really do believe I am going to make an impact for people.

    I definitely hope I can make a big impact in the industry.

    I think this is a really important step for a lot of women who are not sure what they want to do with their career.

    I really like the fact that I have the freedom to choose what I want and I do not feel pressure to do something I donít enjoy.

    I can go for an easy job and have fun with it, or I can work at the salon and be confident and be a success.