The Lions and Dolphins announced Monday that the first-in-the-nation women’s soccer team will be named the team in a ceremony at the new Belle Isle facility on Saturday, Sept. 1.

    The Lions and the Dolphins are expected to name the team after Belle Isle, a community on the South Coast of Ireland that is the site of the historic Battle of the Boyne and was the first battlefield for the American army in World War I. Belle Isle is one of three teams in the U.S. that play in a women’s professional league.

    The naming of the team is part of a $5 million investment the Lions and their partners are making to renovate Belle Isle and build the first team in the United States.

    The name is inspired by Belle Isle’s Irish origins, where the word “Belle” means “belly.”

    The team will wear their “Belizean” uniforms.

    The Dolphins, the first women’s pro team in Major League Soccer, played their inaugural season in 2010, playing in the NASL.

    The team moved to the MLS in 2013 and won their first league title in 2016.

    The Dolphins will play their first home game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sept. 14.