In 2018, African beauty is poised to take a step forward, and that’s because of the success of brands like Nubile Beauty and Nubilo Beauty.

    But as the year draws to a close, more salons are finding that their brands are attracting new customers.

    For one, African Beauty is not just expanding, but also making a big splash. 

    While its name might not be the biggest on the market, the brand is on track to grow to $1 billion in revenue in 2019 and is poised for a bigger year than previous years. 

    The company is also a member of the prestigious AHA/WHOI Beauty and Wellness Conference. 

    According to a report by The Next World, Nubiloes beauty brand is gaining popularity among younger women who are less used to mainstream beauty brands. 

    This is partly due to Nubilee’s marketing campaign that highlights the importance of good skin.

    The brand has also expanded its focus to the South East Asian community. 

    “We are now a brand with global reach.

    We are reaching a wider audience than ever before and our mission is to provide safe, ethical, and quality products to the entire beauty community,” said Nubilias spokesperson, Dr. Riziah Khoza. 

    Nubile, the new beauty brand, has gained a lot of attention recently because of its unique formula, a matte-based lip tint that is also infused with natural ingredients.

    The company is expected to reach more than a billion dollars in revenue by 2019, according to the report. 

    But Nubilia is not the only African beauty brand that is on the rise. 

    Beauty brand Beauty House is also gaining traction in the beauty world. 

    A recent study conducted by the company showed that beauty brand Beautyhouse is making an impact among women aged 20-34. 

    These women, the study found, are more likely to opt for brands like AHA Beauty, and they are also more likely than their male counterparts to have had skin care products. 

    BH has also grown in the South Asian community, with a market share of nearly 4% of the total beauty market. 

    With this, BH is gaining more popularity than ever. 

    In 2019, Beauty House will be in the top 10 of the best-selling beauty brands, according a report from research firm Nielsen Beauty. 

    There are many other companies that are gaining a lot from the 2018 beauty trend, including Luxury Brands and Make Up For Ever. 

    However, the beauty market is still a relatively new one, and beauty brands have to find a way to stay relevant. 

    It seems like the beauty industry is going to continue to evolve and improve as it continues to grow. 

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