María Beauty Salon in Madrid has come under fire for allegedly not using locks and security cameras in their premises.

    The salon, which has a reputation for high-end beauty and is popular with celebrities, was accused of having no security cameras.

    The owner of the business, María, has now taken to social media to explain the incident.

    “This was an unprovoked robbery,” she wrote.

    “We were attacked by thugs with no security camera, who tried to break into our shop without being caught.

    They took everything in their hands.

    “If you don’t have security cameras, you can be sure your money will not be in the wrong hands. “

    “The salon is not responsible for the attack. “

    We are looking into this and we will take every necessary step to protect our customers.””

    The salon is not responsible for the attack.

    We are looking into this and we will take every necessary step to protect our customers.”

    María Beauty salon in Madrid (MIR) source FootballItalia title María beauty salon: The latest in a long line of scandals article In November 2015, a woman was attacked at the salon in front of hundreds of guests.

    The suspect, who was later identified as Fernando, was sentenced to a five-year jail term for the attempted robbery of the salon.

    In March 2016, a former employee of María told newspaper Il Giornale that she had been robbed by Fernando.

    She said that she managed to hide the money in her purse and the other cash was stolen by Fernando, who told her to sell her jewelry.

    The same day, Marias owner, Maria, was arrested in a separate incident, after she was filmed trying to hide money from a security guard.

    In that incident, Fernando and María were arrested.

    The alleged attacks have come to light only recently.

    María has been accused of not using security cameras because they are not required by law.

    The latest incident comes a month after the owner of Marias beauty salon in Florence was also arrested.

    Florence police said that Fernando had entered the building to take a security card and was arrested after being asked to leave.

    According to the Italian news outlet, Il Giorno, the suspect’s attorney was quoted as saying that his client was surprised by the arrests.

    “It’s the first time in a while that the police are searching for the accused, but the fact that they’ve done this after only a few months shows that this is not a crime.

    The suspects were released on bail and are now looking for a lawyer,” he said.