Aisha Beauty Salon, a brand that is known for its natural, feminine-friendly beauty, is launching a new beauty line in Los Angeles.

    The brand is opening up its first Los Angeles location at Dream Beauty Salon in East Hollywood, which it calls “a new destination for the world’s most creative and talented professionals.”

    According to a press release, “the salon will be a new destination to celebrate and share the creative, innovative, and innovative lifestyle of a woman who understands and embraces the power of beauty.”

    “We’re honored to bring Dream Beauty to Los Angeles,” said a spokesperson for the salon.

    “We will bring an expansive selection of products and services to our salon to make our clientele feel at home, and we want to provide our customers with a seamless experience that is truly one of a kind.”

    The new salon is set to open its doors in October and will be located in the former Alta Loma Beauty Bar space.

    The salon will also be open seven days a week, seven days weekdays and seven days weekends.

    “Our dream is to open a salon in Los Angles,” said founder and CEO Aisha Laine.

    “It is our vision to be the ultimate destination for women to explore their beauty, be a part of the fashion and beauty industry, and be inspired by a woman of style.”

    The Los Angeles salon will serve as a destination for beauty professionals, who will be able to work in a space that is more natural and feminine-seeming than most beauty salons.

    The new location will also include a salon salon, spa, and wellness center.

    The location will open in October, but will be open for an additional two months for sales and promotional events, according to a statement.

    Laine added that she hopes the salon will provide an opportunity for women and men to explore each other’s beauty and make a connection through an intimate experience.

    “In our current environment, women are in a more limited space and many of us find ourselves constantly judged and scrutinized, so we want women to feel comfortable and comfortable with their own beauty,” said Laine in a press conference.

    “There is no excuse to not express your own individuality and beauty with our salon.” 

    Laine’s other salon, Alta Beauty, opened in the LA area in 2016 and is located in an undisclosed location. 

    The new Dream Beauty salon will include both the salon salon and a wellness center that will be used to help people with various health issues.

    The wellness center will offer the latest in wellness advice and services, including acupuncture, herbal teas, massage, yoga, and acupuncture classes. 

    “This will be the most natural, natural, and beautiful salon in LA,” Laine said.

    “When I started Alta, I wanted a place that would be an extension of my personal style, but also one that was a place where women of all shapes and sizes could come and share their stories.” 

    According to the LA Times, Alfa Beauty is expected to open in 2020.