The beauty industry is booming in India and it is getting bigger and more crowded, with more than half of the country’s beauty salons opening in the past year.

    Here is how to get your salon open and running smoothly.

    Read more: How to open a beauty salon in IndiaThe beauty industry in India is growing at a fast pace and is on a roll.

    As per the latest data from the National Centre for the Study of Health, Development and Economic Affairs (NCSHDA), beauty saloons have seen a rise in business from Rs 5,000 crore in 2017 to Rs 14,000.

    There is a surge in beauty salon openings from India’s largest cities and the country has nearly 1.7 million beauty salon spaces.

    The biggest growth is in Mumbai and Hyderabad, where there are more than 1,300 salons.

    The city of Mumbai has more than 800 beauty saloned by more than 2,000 beauty saloon owners.

    There are more beauty saloner locations in Delhi, which has more salons than any other city in India, as well as in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

    Salon openings are also growing in the US, as the number of salons in the country continues to increase, said Anil Kale, director of research and development at the NCSHDA.

    The number of beauty salontons in USA is estimated at more than 3,000 and a whopping 85% of those are beauty salones.

    This is the biggest growth in the United States over the past three years, he added.

    The growth in beauty saloning in India has also seen an exponential rise in the number and size of beauty salon spaces in the last year, Kale said.

    Salons are a major part of Indian society and as such, there are an increasing number of women looking for them.

    They are seen as a place for women to feel safe and comfortable, to be loved and to be seen, according to Kale.

    Some of the biggest trends in the beauty industry are beauty surgery, cosmetic surgery and facial treatments, he said.

    A lot of women choose beauty salony because it gives them a safe space and they can get a professional professional opinion on their face and body, said Naina Vaidyanathan, a beauty and skin care consultant.

    Some salons are also offering free skin care products and other free services.

    In addition, there is a rise of female empowerment and women are finding beauty salonies as an outlet for their inner beauty.

    The trend for the women in India to become more active in the workforce is evident, said Kale.

    “The beauty salone community is thriving because they have access to a lot of products, free skin treatment products and products for women.

    These are not only women, but also men.

    There also is a growing number of middle class women,” said Nisha.

    The beauty salon sector in India employs nearly 20 lakh people, including nearly 10 million in Mumbai.

    Saloner opening is also growing fast in India.

    In a country of over 6.6 billion, India has almost 1.5 million beauty salon and spa openings.

    According to NCSHA, India is home to more than 7,000 salons and more than 50,000 spa-type establishments.

    The sector is expected to grow to 10-12 lakh jobs in 2022.

    Saloniks have been on the rise in India for a long time.

    In 2010, the government mandated the establishment of a beauty industry regulator to oversee the opening of beauty studios and salons across the country.

    However, it is not easy to get a license to open up salons, said Dr Sudhakar, chairman of the National Council for Cosmetic Certification and Research (NCCCCR).

    He added that there are no guidelines in the industry for salons to open.

    This means, for example, that the salons that are licensed are not required to post their licence information on their websites.NCSHD’s Kale believes that in the future, the beauty saloniks are going to come under the purview of the NCCCCR, which will regulate the saloon industry.

    The NCCCR will also regulate the number, scope and management of saloon licences.