The Toronto Star reported Friday that some of the beauty salons that closed down in 2017 are shutting down again.

    The newspaper reports that the beauty salon chain called out on Twitter and Instagram on Thursday and Friday to announce that it would close all its beauty salon locations, but it did not mention the closures in a news release.

    The salon chain said it planned to close some of its locations across the city.

    The closures will impact thousands of workers.

    In May, the Toronto-based Beauty Salon Company closed its flagship location at 946 Bloor St. W. and will not reopen it for another year, according to the news release from the company.

    The Beauty Salon Companies, which were founded in 1985 and are now owned by Cielo, also owns the Toronto Botanical Garden and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

    The Toronto Botanic Garden is located in the former Baskin-Robbins building on Dundas St. E. that was once home to the Toronto Zoo.

    The Art Gallery opened in the new building in 2016.

    The news release said the closures will affect thousands of employees.

    In March, the Beauty Salon Co. announced it would shutter some of it’s beauty saloons across the GTA.

    The company announced on Twitter that it was closing its first two locations, in Vaughan and Scarborough, in a move that will be phased in over a period of time.

    The first of those locations, the Bloor and St. Clair Beauty Salon locations, will close in the fall of 2019, the company said in a tweet.

    The second Beauty Salon location in Vaughan will close this fall, the statement added.

    “The beauty salon company is proud to be a part of this community and to be supporting our local communities,” said Jill Hinton, a spokesperson for the Beauty Prescription Centre of Ontario, in the statement.

    In 2017, the beauty supply chain for Cielos was hit hard by the global financial crisis, with the company suffering losses of $12 billion.

    The Canadian company said it had closed two stores in Toronto in 2017.

    It said it would soon start its new Beauty Supply Centre in Vaughan, which is also in a financial distress.

    In a statement on Friday, Cielotos said it has already completed its closure and that the Beauty Supply Center is now a fully operational operation.

    The statement said it was working to hire a “small number of full-time employees” at the Beauty Centre.