A Florida woman is using a “bionic eye” to help her sleep at nights and has earned the support of her friends and family.

    The woman, whose real name is Erin Parnell, said her eyesight has improved after the surgery.

    “I have been using my ‘bic’ for the past four years to help me sleep,” Parnella said.

    “It’s a bionic arm that connects to my eyeballs.

    It’s my own prosthetic.”

    The prosthetic arm uses a flexible plastic frame and a small metal ball to help the patient relax.

    Parnelli said the process of getting the prosthetic eyesight was difficult and she didn’t have any help from her family, but she did have support from her friends.

    “The best part about having a prosthetic eye is that you have no one to blame but yourself,” Pronell said.

    The patient, who is in her 30s, said she has been using the prosthetics since her childhood and has noticed a difference in her sleep patterns.

    “It’s actually gotten easier and easier for me,” Prenell said of her eyes.

    “I feel more confident in my own body and my own vision.

    It just makes me feel more awake and more awake.”

    The patient’s friends and colleagues support the woman’s cause, and they say it is a step in the right direction for people with similar vision issues.

    “This is definitely an area where we need to continue to work together, but we need more people to be able to use the prostheses and help out,” said Lisa Rott, a doctor with the University of Florida’s eye care program.

    Rott said people with vision issues are often prescribed an eye cream and have no way to experience real daylight for weeks.

    “We really need to encourage people to try and get more exposure to daylight,” Rott said.

    In Florida, Parnells prosthetic vision is in its final stages of testing and is not yet ready to be implanted.