Sophia’s beauty salons, a chain that caters to women seeking a naturalistic and naturalistic look, is now accepting beauty products from companies that are not based in China, and they are offering “beauty products that have been used in the United States and abroad for many years,” according to a statement posted to the website.

    The new makeup will include products from brands such as Covergirl, CoverGirl Liquid, Glamour, and Sephora.

    “This will be a great opportunity for women to get their makeup done,” Sophia’s founder, Sophia Li, said in a statement.

    Sophia’s is the largest beauty company in China.

    It has nearly 1,000 stores and has been growing at a brisk pace for years.

    The brand’s new makeup includes “skin care products that are clinically proven to work, including a range of natural and organic formulas,” according the statement.

    “We are very proud to have a partnership with Sophia’s and are very excited to bring our beauty products to our customers in the coming months.”