You may be surprised at the price you pay for your beauty products, but you can easily save money on them by making sure you buy the best ones.

    Here are the best beauty and hair care deals on the web right now.

    Angelica’s Beauty Salon at The New School in New York is offering 10% off all of its beauty products.

    Get $10 off your first $150 beauty product.

    The Hair Salon at L.A.’s Beverly Hills is offering 20% off any two haircare products.

    L’Oreal is offering 30% off a $75 haircare purchase.

    The Beauty Salon and Salon L’Oréal in Beverly Hills are offering 20 percent off any four products.

    The hair salon in Las Vegas is offering $50 off a single shampoo.

    The L’Auberge de Beauty in Miami is offering 15% off $300 worth of products.

    Angelina’s Beauty is offering free shipping on orders over $150.

    Hair Salon is offering 25% off products at all L’Amour locations. 

    Angelica’s is offering a $50 gift card to anyone who buys a $100 Beauty Salon Beauty Salon. 

    L’Aubé in New Orleans is offering 50% off at all locations with a $250 purchase. 

    Shampoo and Conditioner at The Beverly Hills in Los Angeles is offering 60% off with a minimum purchase of $500. 

    Dorothy B. is offering an additional 50% on select items for $50. 

    Tarte is offering 40% off an entire bottle of a single product, and up to 50% in the same order. 

    Sisters Beauty Salon in New Haven, Connecticut is offering 70% off items over $100. 

    The L’Anse aux Meadows in Brooklyn, New York, is offering 90% off on products and services over $200. 

    Barefoot Beauty in San Francisco is offering 75% off hair products and haircare. 

    Beauty Salon Loves is offering 35% off purchases over $500, and 50% for products over $750. 

    Pixar Beauty is giving 50% to anyone that buys a single beauty product, as well as 30% to those who purchase two or more products. 

    Rita’s is giving 10% on all Beauty Salon LOVES purchases. 

    Aqua Salon is giving 30% on beauty products over a certain size. 

    St. Regis Salon in Beverly Park is offering 80% off haircare, and 20% on shampoo. 

    Hair and Beauty Salon Love in New Delhi is offering the 30% discount for all orders over the $50 minimum purchase threshold. 

    Allure is giving 15% to all Beauty salon customers over $75, and 25% on Beauty Salon LOVE purchases.


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