You know you’re in the minority when your college doesn’t offer a beauty school.

    That’s why a few months ago, I reached out to the heads of some of the nation’s top beauty schools to ask them about which school offers the best opportunity for graduating women.

    Here’s what I learned: Beauty school has its drawbacks.

    Some of the schools are too expensive, while others are far less so.

    Beauty schools also may not be as rigorous as some of their fellow-degree-granting institutions.

    And some beauty schools are also more selective than others, which means some women may not find the program the best fit for them.

    Still, some of my best friends have gone to beauty school, and they’re the ones who’ve made me the most confident in my skin, hair, and makeup.

    Here are five beauty school schools that I love: University of Virginia (Va.)

    School of Beauty and Sciences, Virginia Tech, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Georgetown, Northwestern University, and The University of California, Los Angeles.

    University of Texas-Arlington Beauty Institute, The University, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Brown.

    The University at Buffalo Beauty School, The College of William and Mary, The Graduate School of Business, and Columbia University.

    And even at a very elite school like The University’s School of Medicine, it’s still possible to find a beauty program that suits your interests.

    In fact, there are a lot of schools with beautiful programs, from the most prestigious to the least.

    (There are a handful of smaller schools that do not offer a specific degree, but there are enough in the world of beauty to fill one college book.)

    The University School of Arts and Sciences (UASS) is an academic arts school with a tradition of mentoring young women.

    It offers three undergraduate degree programs, including the Master of Arts in Beauty, an undergraduate master’s degree in hair and beauty care, and a graduate master’s in beauty care.

    This school also offers a variety of career and personal growth opportunities for students.

    University College London (UCL) is a university-based, public-private institution with a long history of diversity and inclusion.

    The school’s first president, Michael Johnson, is a graduate of the University of Oxford, and it has a history of inspiring women to pursue their passions.

    It’s also one of the most selective beauty schools in the country, which gives students a chance to find the best program they can, without spending more than a semester in one of its four residential colleges.

    Beauty School at Ohio State University (OSU) offers both an undergraduate and graduate program in the field of hair and makeup, and is one of America’s oldest and most prestigious beauty schools.

    There are also a number of undergraduate programs offered by OSU, including a master’s program in hair care, an associate’s degree, and an undergraduate degree in beauty.

    Beauty school also has a wide array of alumni who have gone on to work in the industry, including makeup artist Rachel Roussel, actress Lili Reinhart, actress Sarah Paulson, and actress Meryl Streep.

    The College at Dartmouth (CUNY) is known for offering undergraduate and doctoral degrees in the fields of art, education, and culture, and also has an excellent alumni network.

    In 2016, it became the first school in the nation to accept women of color into its graduate programs.

    Beauty students are also given access to the college’s library, where they can look through books on subjects like history, philosophy, and poetry, as well as explore the college library.

    Other popular beauty schools include Columbia University (NYU), University of Southern California (USC), University at Albany (NYC), and New York University (N.Y.).

    For a complete list of the best beauty schools across the U.S., check out our guide to the best U.K. schools.

    Top five beauty schools for women: 1.

    University at Rochester Beauty School 2.

    The Art Institute of Philadelphia Beauty School 3.

    Yale University Beauty School 4.

    University University of Minnesota Beauty School 5.

    University, Arizona Beauty School


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