Hollywood beauty salon owners are in the hot seat after they launched a Facebook page titled, “Hollywood Beauty Salon Owners Have To Go”.

    The page has now received over 1.5 million likes and is set to receive upwards of 50,000 new views in the coming hours.

    The salon owners claim that the Facebook page is a way for them to let their clients know what is going on in their industry.

    They have also been criticised by other beauty salons for not doing enough to educate their customers on the importance of a clean, hygienic and safe environment.

    They also claim that their owners are not receiving adequate compensation from the salon owners.

    The owners claim the salon’s owners have been ignoring the issue for years.

    The page claims that salon owners were “not getting paid for their work”, and that the salon had to move because of the lack of funds.

    Hollywood beauty salon owners say they have been working hard to get the salon to close down.

    The owner’s response has been scathing.

    The message posted by the Hollywood beauty saloon owners is that their salon owners will be “fired for refusing to accept money for cleaning up their mess”.

    “We are working hard but this has been going on for years,” the message reads.

    “We are tired of people coming into our salon asking for money for their hair and other things that we do for them.”