We all have a Lego movie movie to watch on our television set.

    And it’s usually pretty good.

    But how do you watch it on a TV that has no tuner?

    The answer is pretty easy, and if you’re looking for the best experience possible, there’s no better option than a set of Apple TV tuners.

    Here’s how to stream your favorite movies to your Apple TV. 1.

    Get a Roku app for your Apple television.

    This will be the Roku app that you’re most likely to want to use.

    There are a lot of great Roku apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

    It’s a great way to get started.

    You can download the Roku App for Apple TV from Roku’s website or download the app directly from Apple’s website.

    This app will let you control the Roku box with a number of buttons and controls.

    It’ll also let you set up the box with the best viewing options for your TV.

    Roku’s app for Apple devices lets you set the Roku channel for your set.

    There’s also a Roku TV app for iOS and Android devices.

    You’ll need a Roku account to use this app.

    It will let the app recognize the Roku remote and play movies, music and TV shows from your set in the Apple TV app.

    Roku will automatically start playback if your Roku app is not already set up.

    You need to download the AppleTV app and then install it on your Apple device.


    Connect your AppleTV to your computer.

    You will need to have a compatible Apple TV to use the Roku Remote App.

    If you’re using a Roku remote, you can find the correct remote icon on your Roku box.

    Once you’re on your Mac or PC, you’ll need to connect your Apple remote to the Roku.

    You don’t need a computer running OS X Yosemite or later.

    Follow these steps to connect the Roku to your Mac: On your Mac, open up the Finder.

    If your Mac has been updated to Yosemite, right-click the Finder icon and select Properties.

    You should see a new window titled Network and Sharing Center.

    In the window that opens, click on the Sharing Center button and select Sharing.

    If the Sharing window is greyed out, select the Network tab and click on it.

    Click on the Add button and then select the Roku account.

    In this window, you will need the Roku username and password.

    You may need to confirm the login.

    If it’s not working, go back to the previous step.


    Connect the Roku device to your TV via USB cable.

    Once the Roku is connected to your Roku, you may need the Apple Remote App to launch the Roku application.

    If not, follow these steps: Open up your Roku remote.

    Select the Remote tab in the menu bar.

    Click the Roku icon.

    Click New Remote.

    Make sure that it says Create New.

    Enter your Roku username.

    Select Create a New Roku Device.

    If Roku doesn’t launch automatically, make sure the Roku name is set to Your Roku Account and that the Roku password is the same as the Roku Account password.

    Once Roku launches, it will automatically show the Apple Television app in the Roku menu bar, but you may also see the Roku TV in the list of apps.

    The Roku remote will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    You now have the Roku Apple TV remote connected to the TV.

    You just need to press the volume button to mute the remote.

    This allows you to enjoy the movies and TV programs from the Roku devices on your TV and from the Apple devices on the TV set.

    You also need to plug in the USB cable to the Apple device that is plugged into the Roku (and the USB cables that come with it).


    Turn on your Netflix and Hulu account on your computer using your Apple Remote.

    The Netflix and Hulu apps will be automatically set up on your iOS device.

    To open up your Apple Television, you just need the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPad.

    Open up the Apple iTunes app.

    Select View > Preferences.

    You have two settings you can change: Use the Apple remote with your Roku or use the Apple television remote with the Roku in the TV list.

    Choose which option works best for you.

    You must also select your Roku account and password if you want to enable the Apple content on the Apple Home screen.

    Once your Apple Home Screen has been set up, select your Apple devices from the menu.

    When you first connect the Apple Device to the iPhone or iPod touch, you need to select a remote icon to connect it to the computer.

    To use the Remote app, select Settings > Home > Settings.

    Select Apple TV, and then Select an Apple device from the list.

    Your Apple TV will appear on your television screen.

    Click OK to exit.

    If everything worked correctly, you should see the Apple tv app appear on the Home Screen.


    Set the TV as your default setting on your phone.

    The best way to watch