Seattle (AP) The Sunshine Salon opened in Seattle’s Chinatown on Thursday and is leaving out the beauty salon that has been serving Chinese people in the city for more than a century.

    Sunshine Salon owner Esther Zhang said the business will now focus on other aspects of her business, including education, support and outreach for Chinese-Americans.

    Zhang has worked with Chinese Americans for more 50 years and is part of a growing community of people who are actively trying to revitalize the Chinese-American community in Seattle.

    “There are more than 300 Chinese-Chinese American churches in the region,” Zhang said.

    “They’re the backbone of the community.

    They are very vibrant and they have a big impact on the community.”

    Zhang said she wants to bring the salon to Seattle because she feels the area is ready for a place where the Chinese community can flourish.

    She said she is optimistic about the city’s future and is ready to get started.

    Sunrise Salon, a former spa, is a popular destination for Chinese people who want to enjoy spa treatments, relax and have fun, and it has been closed since March because of the storm.

    Sunset Salon is a salon in a residential area in a building that was previously a Chinese laundry, but Zhang said that location will now be used to accommodate a large number of people.

    Zang said the salon is not closing, but is looking for more space and the location has been chosen to accommodate some of the other community-based groups.

    Sunrises in Seattle have been shuttered for over two months, with many of the buildings in the neighborhood in Chinatown destroyed in the storm, according to an AP story on the closure.

    Zhuang Zhang, who works at Sunshine Salon, poses for photos with customers in Seattle (AFP/Reuters)Sunshine is located in a large residential area where residents of Chinatown and a community of Chinese immigrants are living in a single, one-story building that is part laundromat, part laundry, with a laundry room, and a kitchen.

    The building also has a large garden, which Zhang said will be used for Chinese food, music and entertainment.

    Sunshades and other services, like Chinese food and dancing, will be available throughout the day.

    The salon will open as a regular location for a small group of people, but will not offer spa treatments.

    Sunsets in Chinatown were also closed as part of the cleanup effort, with more than two dozen buildings damaged.

    Zhong Guoqiang, an owner of Sunshades, said she expects to have the salon open as usual, but that the area will be cleaned out in stages.

    Zhou Yu, an employee at the Sunset Salon, said the store is already open for business, and that the salon will be open at least one more day before the next storm.

    Zhao Shun, who said she has been a customer at the salon for 20 years, said it is great to see the salon reopen, but she hopes that the business can survive through the storm as a whole.