Padma, Queensland, is a place that is not easy to find.

    There are few things as comforting as a soothing lullaby and for Padma it is a lullaby that has found a home in the beauty salon.

    The business started life as a family owned business in 2005 and is one of the first in the state.

    Its owner Padma is an artist who makes beautiful sculptures.

    Her father is a painter who works with the local artisans.

    In 2009 she decided to move her business to Brisbane and opened her own beauty salon called Padma Beauty.

    It is the first Australian-owned beauty salon to be a member of the Australian Curves Association and is known for its beautiful and creative art work.

    A few years ago the owner decided to open a second salon in Queensland.

    Padma said the decision to open two beauty salons was one she had to make.

    “It was the right thing to do because I was starting to feel the pressure of not being able to provide the same service to all the people that I do,” she said.

    “So I knew it would be a very good opportunity for the business to expand.”

    Today Padma has about 70 staff members, with more to come.

    The owner says the new salon has had a great response from the community.

    “We’ve had people come up to us saying that they are going to come down to the store and see us, and they love the place,” she explained.

    “They see the beautiful artwork and the staff and the atmosphere.

    It has really helped us grow as a business.”

    I think Padma really is the most popular salon in the whole state and the local community really supports the business.

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