In Japan, a new trend has emerged that many Japanese say is beautiful.

    It’s called the beauty salon trend, and it’s the epitome of beauty, even in Japan. 

    Japanese beauty salon owner and blogger Mariko Yabe told The Associated Press that it’s a trend she hopes Japanese women will adopt as they age. 

    “I think we need to get back to the way things were before the internet,” Yabe said.

    “I want to give a face to what’s gone before.

    People can be so excited about being able to wear makeup, and now it’s just not really there anymore.”

    Yabe’s salon is called Bliss, and she started it when she was working in Japan as a beauty stylist and stylist at a local beauty salon.

    She says her clients are not only looking for new, trendy makeup, but also for more traditional Japanese beauty products.

    “I started selling a lot of makeup and makeup products, so people could feel like they were getting what they wanted,” Yabes salon director, Haruka Tanaka, told The AP.

    “But I didn’t want to just sell cosmetics.

    I wanted to sell a more traditional, natural-looking, everyday product.

    I think it’s important to create a beauty that people can wear all day.”

    The beauty salon concept is called a “lifestyle salon” in Japan, and the owner of the Bliss salon, Miyuki Kaneko, says the trend has gained traction recently because it is such a simple concept.

    “It’s not a huge deal,” she said. 

    Tanaka says she started selling makeup and nail care products when she realized the trend was growing in Japan and it was starting to get popular.

    She says it’s not easy to sell makeup at her salon, because many people do not have the money to purchase cosmetics, but the trend is becoming more popular in Japan now.

    The beauty market in Japan is worth about $3.4 billion, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. 

    Kaneko says Bliss was founded by a group of Japanese women who decided they wanted to create their own lifestyle salon, not just sell makeup.

    She believes that many women who were once satisfied with having a makeup artist at their salon are now interested in being part of a salon.

    “We think it will be really cool to give people more options to wear cosmetics at home, and also have a salon that is not a salon,” Kanekos salon director said.

    “So, we’re offering a lifestyle salon.

    And people can shop here and there.”