Beauty salons have long been popular for their low prices, but this time the competition is even more fierce.

    A man wearing a gorilla costume walked into the Los Angeles beauty salon where the salon is located and was greeted by customers who were trying to find out who he was.

    The man then exited the store with a bottle of water and began pouring it down a drainpipe to wash away his clothes.

    The customer took photos of the man and posted them to Instagram.

    One of the customers, Kim Lacy, told the Huffington Post she was so impressed by the man’s skill she went back and took a photo of the incident on her phone.

    “The only thing I can think of is this guy is an idiot,” Lacy said.

    “He probably thinks he’s a god or something.

    This was a great moment of honesty.”

    Lacy told ABC News she thought the man was a “great businessman” and that it was nice to see a person who knows how to behave, and that she hoped his actions would help other people learn from his mistake.

    Lacy also shared the man on Instagram saying, “You have my full respect.”

    “I feel like there’s a lot of misconceptions about African Americans and how we treat people in general,” Lacey said.

    She added, “I hope people take the opportunity to learn from this.

    There’s definitely a lot to learn.”

    The man reportedly told customers that he didn’t need to be paid for the water, but he was still allowed to use it for cleaning.

    The next day, the man made a similar visit to another beauty salon and took photos with customers, including Lacy.

    Lacey told ABC news that while she’s glad the man left with a positive attitude, it’s still a bad sign.

    “If you do something like that and you do it because you’re paid for it, you’re going to get criticized,” she said.

    In a statement to ABC News, Lacy called on the man to come clean about what he was doing.

    “My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends who were in the store at the time,” she wrote.

    “I would hope that he realizes that he’s not the only person who needs to clean up after themselves.”

    Lazy said she thinks the man should be ashamed of himself and should take some responsibility for his actions.

    “It’s really disappointing that he thought he was better than me,” she told ABC.

    “That is his fault.

    I hope that other people will do the same.”

    ABC News’ John Lott contributed to this report.