LISBON (Reuters) – Brazilian beauty salon chain Lotus Beauty Salon in Rio de Janeiro, where it has been operating for more than 20 years, has announced a radical move that has already caused consternation among users.

    The cosmetics giant has removed its Instagram account from the social media platform as of Monday, saying it was following the advice of a privacy policy advisory published by Brazilian regulators.

    The move, which comes on the heels of an investigation by Brazilian privacy watchdog CIPD and prompted an online petition calling for the closure of the company, is the latest in a series of controversial measures that have been adopted by businesses that offer services on social media platforms.

    “Lotus Beauty Salon is no longer an Instagram brand, nor does Lotus Beauty Spa continue to participate in Instagram, but we do not consider this to be an action against Instagram, which has been a great partner,” the statement read.

    Lotus has also deleted its Instagram profile from other social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

    Lotuses spokesperson Maria Silva confirmed to Reuters that the company was changing its policy, which she said had been taken into account by the CIPO.

    Lotis, which makes hair products, makeup and hair accessories, said the policy change was necessary to avoid any problems when the company uses Instagram and the services of other social networks to promote its products and services.

    “This is because Instagram is a part of the internet, we do have an active presence on the platform and we have never been accused of using Instagram to advertise the product or service, Silva said.”

    We will continue to work closely with regulators to ensure that Lotus Beauty does not compromise the security and security of our customers.

    “The announcement came after the CipD warned last month that social media companies had been “actively engaging in a practice of data collection and data misuse, including by leveraging the social network of its users”.

    The CIPOD warned that some social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, were “notifying users of the presence of data breaches in real time”, which could lead to a rise in privacy breaches.”

    Instagram users have been warned of data-collection practices that may be unlawful,” it said.

    In a statement, Lotus said it “continues to take all appropriate steps to safeguard the personal data of our users”.”

    We are committed to the principles of security and privacy, and to protecting our users’ rights.

    We continue to monitor the security of this data and take all necessary measures to protect it.

    “Lotus is the second Brazilian cosmetics brand to follow Instagram’s lead.

    Brazilian cosmetics chain Revlon said last month it was removing its Instagram accounts, citing its policy that it would only use the company’s services for advertising purposes.”

    They are following our policy, and the Instagram brand has not changed,” Revlon spokeswoman Genna Nascimento said.