It’s not that simple.

    It depends on your budget.

    And sometimes you might need a whole new beauty product.

    Here’s our guide to finding the best African beauty salon in the region.


    Pashto Beauty Salon in Bangui, West Africa: This is the most traditional beauty salon you’ll find in Africa.

    This is why the name Pashtawara is derived from the word “pashtu”, which means “to wash”.

    It is located in the town of Banguí and is the oldest beauty salon on the continent.

    It offers treatments, consultations, beauty products and even hair treatments.

    The salon also offers the best prices for salon products.

    The main salon, Banguî, has an open area and is accessible to the public.

    Its staff are highly skilled and are passionate about their work.

    If you’re interested in getting your hair cut, you can visit this salon at one of its two locations.

    The other location is located at an airport in Baga.

    The hair stylist is also experienced and will help you with your cut.


    Pasha Beauty Salon: This salon is situated in the Banguie neighbourhood of Baguio, in the west of the capital.

    This place offers the most luxurious treatments.

    It has a private salon room and you can walk to the salon from the main salon.

    There are also massage rooms.

    The owner is very knowledgeable and is always available to answer any questions you might have.

    Parma is located a few kilometers away from the Bagui airport and is an ideal location for getting your haircut.

    Pama Hair, which has a salon in Bongo and is located on the outskirts of the city, is located close to Banguini’s city centre and also offers hair treatments and consultations.

    PAMA Salon, which is located within the Bongo National Bank, is the only salon in this area.

    It also offers treatments and consultation, but its location is close to the airport and you won’t have to walk to it.

    Pamas salon is also a good choice for men.

    PASSAKA Hair Salon, located in Bambari, West African country, is another popular salon.

    The area is popular for men, women and children.

    The owners are very knowledgeable about their products and are very active on social media.

    The men’s salon also has a spa.

    PSAKA Salon is located next to the Bambri National Bank.

    You can get a haircut there or go to the spa.


    Rana Beauty Salon and Salon Spa in Dakar, West Afro-Caribbean: Located in Dakari, in west Africa, this salon has the best hair care facilities in the capital, Bongo.

    This salon also sells a wide range of products.

    You will not have to travel to Dakari to get your hair done.

    This salons also offer treatments and appointments.

    If this salon is not your cup of tea, you should consider the other salon, Rana Hair Salon.

    The shop has a huge range of hair products, and the owner is knowledgeable about her products and has been doing salon therapy for over 30 years.

    You may want to contact this salon to find out more.


    Rami Beauty Salon, Bongi, East Africa: The shop is located opposite the Bongani National Bank in the centre of Dakar.

    It is one of the most popular beauty salons in the city.

    You won’t be alone if you decide to visit this place.

    Rati is a popular name for this salon.

    Rabi is a local name for the salon.

    This beauty salon is located near the Bunka Market and is a few meters away from Dakari International Airport.

    Rari is a very well-known name for salon therapy and haircuts.

    RARI Hair Salon in Dakaris capital is one more salon that offers salon services.

    Rara Beauty Salon has two locations in Dakaro, one in Bongili and the other in Bunki.


    Bambiri Beauty Salon & Spa in the Kidal, West Africans capital: This beauty salon offers treatments for a wide variety of hair and face types.

    Its main location is the Kigali International Airport and its salon is accessible from both the airport’s terminals.

    This business is the best place to get haircuts in Dakara.

    You have the option of going to the shop or staying at this salon on a comfortable sofa.

    Bumba, a local street name, is a good place to go for haircuts if you are traveling to Dakar and want to visit the city’s beauty salon.

    Bumis Bambiri is located just outside of Dakari and is close by to the city centre.

    You’ll find a good selection of hair treatments at this salon.

    You also have the choice of going for a facial or an eyebrow treatment.

    It’s possible to get a treatment here as well